Monday, December 14, 2015

Reindeer Food


I have been trying to keep crafts on the schedule for the last six weeks but in reality we don't craft a whole lot. It's stressful for me. LW isn't very interested in doing a lot of the things I have picked out for us or the weather isn't what it's supposed to be for that day to complete the get the picture. 

However, today we finally did one. And it was only kind of a wreck because a certain little brother wanted more attention than I could give him in the moment. No biggy, he's over it. 

We made reindeer food! Once it was done we put it in an empty jelly jar and decorated that to look like Santa. 

We didn't measure anything. I simply let LW scoop or shake all he wanted of each ingredient I offered: oats, ground flax, colored sugar sprinkles and regular sprinkles. 

I wanted to make something that was safe for all animals, just in case the reindeer aren't hungry on Christmas Eve ;-). 

LW really loved shaking the sprinkles out of the container. He had to work at it which seems to be something he enjoys. Plus, it's a motion and sound he's very familiar with from music class. 

As a 2.5 year old this is his first Christmas he is aware of Santa/reindeer/etc. I talked up the project for a few minutes before taking out all of the materials because originally he seemed disinterested. He needed to k LW he was really going to help those hungry reindeer on Christnas Eve, which would help Santa bring more presents. Once he had the full picture of the story, he was more convinced it would be fun. Plus, I added it was going to be "just like making cookies" - a favorite pastime around here. 

What holiday traditions do you do with your toddlers? 


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